Sunday, February 27, 2011

Duct (or 'DUCK') Tape Roses

Supplies: Bailing wire or pipe cleaners, florist tape, "Duck" tape from Hobby Lobby or "Duct" tape from your favorite hardware store, scissors.

1.  Fold small tab of tape over leaving equal amount of tape folded over and equal amount of glue exposed.


The amount of each piece of tape will determine the size of your rose.  Experiment with sizes to determine the size of your rose.

2.  For inside of rose, Use one folded piece and wrap glue side around bailing wire.

3.  For each petal round the folded side of tape with scissors, then wrap the glue side around bailing wire.  After wrapping each petal, curl and twist over to add fullness to petals.
4.  Continue wrapping petals until desired rose size is achieved.

5.   The last step is to wrap florist tape around the exposed bailing wire to cover the stem of the rose.

Voila! Make as many as you want - This tutorial will come in handy when you need a last minute gift!
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