Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cute Spring Swag Lamp

We're always coming up with cute display ideas.  I saw something similar to our garden swag lamp in a magazine.  We had several similar zinc planters.  So here's how this fun project came together.
First, Dad drilled a hole in the bottom of the planter wide enough to handle our light kit.  Fortunately, we carry these 15' light kits, so he was able to get the exact size of the bit needed.  He did say that the zinc metal was really hard on his drill bit, so be prepared to sacrifice :-{

Next, Mom made a cute little skirt for the planter and ran some elastic inside, so it would grip the planter  snuggly. 
Easy, peasy!
Last we strung the light kit through the planter.  Cute little spring swag lamp - Don't ya think?

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